Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I love to walk and be outside. Part of my training involves being comfortable walking on ALL surfaces – this includes sidewalks, grass, gravel, dirt, sand, snow, roads, forest paths, and sewer grates. Did I mention sewer grates, which randomly show up and seem a little intimidating. What is in there? Why can’t I see the bottom? What is that smell? Why does my raiser want me to walk over it, like it is part of the normal scenery? I think is is safer to stop and investigate or try to walk around it.

What I am still learning is that I have to be comfortable to walk on ALL surfaces, even covered holes on the ground. Since I was a wee pup, my raiser patiently stands with me and rewards me with kibble and huge praise when I stand on or walk over the grate. I guess it really is not so scary. Sometimes now, I don’t even notice when I am walking over them anymore.

Submitted By: Puppy raisers Heather and Derek Schofield