My raisers sometimes send me with these other hoomans, where I have all kinds of new adventures. I was with a sitter for almost a week and a half in November. Not only does this give me exposure to other hoomans asking me to do that same things my raisers ask (why do I have to do a duration down during a theatre performance, when there are so many interesting things to observe?), but I also get to be exposed to new situations and can have some dedicated time perfecting my cues. After coming home from the sitters, I finally am on my way to perfecting getting out of the car without pulling to the end of the leash. Apparently, my raisers were thrilled another skill is on cue!

I was also invited back for another visit the 125th Vancouver Brownies (Renfrew District) for an evening to talk about PADS and my future as a service dog. This was a follow up to the visit from when I was 3 months old. The girls and the leaders had so many questions, thought I had grown up so much, and loved seeing all the new cues and behaviours I had been working on in the last 10 months. At the end, I successfully stayed in a duration down for all kinds of pats and even gave some gentle emotional support that allowed the girls that were nervous of dogs to come up and touch me.