I am now officially an air traveller! My raisers took me on a big adventure to Toronto. We first starting out in a taxi to the airport with a final “better go” before entering the airport, going through security, and finding our gate (as well as meeting another PADS raiser while boarding the plane – small world!). We boarded the plane with some amazing ‘ghost’ loose leash walking and then I  settled at my raiser and little hooman’s feet with a brand new bone to chew. This worked to manage the stress of my ears popping upon ascent and descent in a confined space. Finally we got to get off of the plane in a wagging tail mood to find new dog smells at the indoor doggie relief area at YYZ (Toronto airport). Eventually we hopped into a rental car. Toronto equalled new hoomans to meet, new work places, and business meetings to settle in. I got a new crate to take to new houses and hotels for sleepovers as well as a whole lot of grandparent-hooman love! Once we were back in Vancouver, I must have been on something my raiser called ‘jet lag’ and ‘Toronto time’ because my Hoomans told me 4:00 am was too early to start the day! Planes, trains, and automobiles, all part of my service dog-in-training journey!

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield