On August 12, we enjoyed what I called “a perfect walk” because during both on leash and off leash walking, we met and passed dogs with no lunging. WhenMagic is off leash I will say, “go say hi”, and she has a very good recall when I say: “this way”, “puppy, puppy”, or “Magic, this way”, because she gets a kibble reward. We checked out Oakridge Mall to take another walk around before it closes in late September. (Photos: mirror reflection; ‘go in’ underneath wash hand basin in washroom, waiting patiently while I washed my hands). At home, we spend much of our time relaxing in sunshine spots (photo).

Magic did a great “Go in” when out for supper on The Grassy Knoll at JTC (photo). Her duration during skills has improved, even now with ‘The Margaret Distraction’ (TMD) where she might be standing over Magic or waving kibble near her nose. Magic stays in position (stand, sit, or down) for varied periods (2, 3, or 4 minutes). Without distractions, Magic maintains positions for longer periods (4, 6, or 10 minutes). We continue to focus on all training behaviours. Magic is a loving, attentive, bright puppy who likes to be with us and who likes to please. We enjoy her company VERY MUCH!

Submitted by: Sandra Davies