HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happiness is having Magic II in our lives! Most important achievement since December PADS Report is “STAND”: from 17 sec. on Oct. 29 to 30 sec., Nov. 12 to 1 1/2 min. on Dec. 1 to 4 (FOUR) min. on Dec. 27! I can leave her side, walk out of the room, return, and Magic is STILL STANDING!

Working on all areas. Good progress in all. “Roll” and “Chin” are becoming better, but no word cues are used yet.

Outings over holiday season included concerts: VSO and Goh Nutcracker Ballet (photo); restaurants (“Go in” is improving with practice!); woods walks (photos include “Jump on” rock and family Christmas Day walk with special Magic kiss to Daughter and group selfiie).

Look forward to more of everything–fun with Magic II for sure!

Submitted By: Sandra and Michael Davies