HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May we conquer COVID and return to person-to-person classes in 2021!!!!

December was a good month with sequencing practise for Dana’s request: as many commands in 1 minute as possible. As well, we have been practising duration stand in a high distraction areas. In nearby woods, there is a place where four trails meet, and it’s here that we practise. Formerly there has been little traffic/little distraction, and Magic has maintained “stand” while I wander a bit. However, TODAY Magic was in “stand” when I saw a Golden and its person approaching our space. “Nice stand,” “Good girl, Magic,” “Nice stand, Magic,” AND Magic watched the Golden come closer and closer (but not right up to her) and turn into one of the trails heading away from us. During this time, Magic stood and watched. At one moment, she moved one paw just slightly; otherwise, success at this challenge! VERY proud of Miss Magic II! We continue to enjoy life with Magic II! Photos: Out for lunch at the UBC golf course restaurant with Magic under my chair; sitting on a bench on Christmas Day.

Submitted by: Sandra Davies