The pre-Advanced Test was on February 12th. That morning we reviewed many behaviours and completed the duration challenges, stand & sit & down for just over the required period of time: 4 min. & 6 min. & 21 min. Respectively, with distractions of toys & food & TMD (standing over, walking over). Photos were taken at the end of each of these sessions–with Magic still in position, before “Release.” We were not asked for these during the PAT. During the Test at Lougheed Mall, many distractions interfered with Magic performing given ‘tasks’ as she does at home. Oh, dear!!!! Since then, ongoing training continues with extra attention being given to “Cooperative Care.” Progress is noted. Otherwise, “Go in” for lunch at the UBC Golf Course, daily woods walks continue, and we’re all enjoying the late winter sunshine and blooming crocus!!!!

Submitted by: Sandra Davies