We have focussed this past month–especially the last week and the weekend on the Pre-Advanced Testing. Despite COVID, we visited Lansdowne Mall and local shops maneuvering tight spots with people present. Duration is strong with a 4 minute stand, a 6 minute sit and a 22:45 minute down–at home with no distractions. Woods walks include stand, and sometimes people/dogs pass by.

Lunch at Westward Ho, UBC Golf Course, is an excellent place to practice ‘Go in’. Magic is a very attentive and patient puppy We continue to enjoy Magic’s company. Right now, as I write, she is beside me, head resting on my right ankle. Work continues on ‘chin’ with face touching. Also, I would like to have more interactions with strangers to ‘test’ that area of the Pre-Advanced Testing.

Submitted By: Sandra Davies