Bittersweet that our Magic II will move on into Advanced Training on April 6th!!!! Of course, we’re very happy that we all succeeded and that advanced trainers will come to know Magic’s many positive qualities as we do. Of course, we’re very sad to return Magic to PADS because we will miss her presence in our lives very much. The past month we made some progress in the area of ‘cooperative care’: body holding, paw holding, in between toes touching, ears & eyes (flashlight) & mouth touching. Trimming nails continues to be a big challenge for Magic. Outings included Richmond Centre, Costco, Jericho Tennis Club restaurant, and walks in the woods. While at home, Magic can always find a spot of sunshine and enjoy a nap while basking in it.

Good luck, Miss Magic; listen to everyone you meet in Advanced Training!!!! With love, Sandra & Michael Davies

Submitted by: Sandra Davies