SNOW is January; homework was to be sitting and lying in snow (photo). Magic loved running in the snow. Noon-hour concerts resumed at UBC which was good opportunity to practice “Go in” and “Down” for the hour. We went to our Grandson’s hockey game (photo). We went to UBC opera last night (photo “Go in” while I had a coffee before opera began). “Roll” is secure now on cue–both sides. “Chin” is not yet secure on cue, but we are making progress in practice mode. Secure stand, sit, down, with durations 4 min., 6 min., 10 min. respectively–at home while I wander and return, with toys in front to distract her. Magic has very good recall when off-leash on woods walks. This morning, we met and played with three dogs at different times; when it was time to move on, Magic responded well to “puppy, pup, pup”. Magic sometimes, with her high energy, ran a bit ahead of me; when I saw a man walking towards us and wanted to prevent Magic, in her exuberance, from approaching the man I so called her, “Pup, pup, pup.” and she turned around immediately and came back to me. As we passed, the man smiled and said, “What a well behaved dog.” We’re working on being well behaved.

Submitted By:Puppy raisers Sandra and Michael Davies