Magic finished her heat cycle this month, so given that restaurants have opened, we took her to the Jericho Tennis Club for the first time since pre-COVID.  Initially it seemed that she’d forgotten how to do a “Go In”; however, she eventually did settle under my chair.

Later in the month, we returned to the JTC for supper, and Miss Magic was totally different in that she seemed to remember exactly what was expected of her!


We also resumed off-leash woods walks. Training behaviours check-list has been maintained daily since March 29th with 28 different behaviours listed/checked/practised.  We’ve added “Not for Homework”, which looks to me to be off-leash attending/engagement close by my side and walking slowly.  Good progress is being made/maintained in all areas.

After the most recent puppy class with Instructor Dana, and discussion of durations, I think I should add more distraction, especially during sit & stand.   Magic is very secure inside the house; I wander and sometimes walk/stand over her, but I haven’t had strangers (or even other friendly family) come to pet her or offer her food, and I think it’s time for these distractions to be added.

Submitted By: Sandra Davies