Time outdoors in the garden is always welcome.

With the green light from PADS to go out & about in cape, we toured the neighbourhood on June 23, visiting shops & setting up photo ops: loose leash walking, Stationary 2000 Post Office, Bosley’s toys, & flower beds in public planters.

Now, with Magic in heat, we are limited to out & about again for awhile – on leash for sure, around the neighbourhood, early morning and late evening.  


Lastly, we have been practicing all training behaviours.  On June 25, with eager response to the sound of doorbell, Magic went to ‘bed’ FIVE times. However, a couple of days later, when we set up to videoing this great behaviour, she did not respond at all to the sound of doorbell.  Perhaps another day…

Duration stats on June 28: stand, 4 minutes; sit, 6 minutes; down, 10 minutes.  We are looking forward to the return of in-person classes.

Submitted By: Sandra & Michael Davies