Before mid-March and the shut-down of most things, I attended VSO at Orpheum and a noon-hour concert at UBC. I also ate at UBC golf course restaurant where Magic is very welcome. Since mid-March, we have continued daily walks in nearby woods (photo). Magic follows the sunshine as it comes in house windows, from the east (photo) and from the south (photo). She is very relaxed and comfortable!

I created a check-list of all training behaviours and work through it daily. Something that we work on while indoors with little distraction is stand for 4 1/2 minutes, sit for 6 minutes, and down 10 to 20 minutes. For stand and sit, I wander the house, walk around, and even stand over her before giving her the “release” cue. In the last week we have practiced stand outdoors at a school playground, with cars and people as distractions, for 1:20 minutes and on the sidewalk during our walk for 1:30 minutes (photo). Magic enjoys the training sessions, but she also can “chill out” very well – either beside me as she is now or on her cushion for naps in the daytime and evening when we watch TV. Magic is an added joy to our lives, for sure

Submitted By: Sandra & Michael Davies