Magic checked out the Kelowna Walk for Autism, took a few trips to the vet, and went on a variety of errands such as visiting the greenery.  She occasionally likes to sample sticks, leaves, grass or mulch, but is very good at “Drop” when asked.

She spent a week with a sitter in May, who reported:  “We attended 2 spin classes at the YMCA, and Magic was very well behaved – she was able to relax on her blanket, and while she did not stay in a down for the entire 70 minutes, she still did really well.  We went out for  dinner at RauDZ Regional Table restaurant in Kelowna; she was very relaxed, very attentive to me, and stayed in a down most of the time.  We attended a meeting at the bank, where she exhibited good behaviour.  We also visited some friends in their new house; Magic was on leash and in cape, and was again, very well behaved.”

Submitted By: Alli Sandberg (puppy-raiser) and Michelle Knaut (puppy-sitter)