After the ‘all clear’ from Kaylie, we resumed all outings: UBC Opera, UBC noon-hour concerts, VSO concert just last night; football at BC Place; public transit (bus & sky train); Oakridge on Black Friday to practice walking in busy environment + long sit with people passing quite closely. “Go in” was good on bus, but not as good on crowded Canada Line. Continue working on duration: at home 5 min. sit and 6 min. down and 1 1/2 min. stand; HOWEVER, at class with distractions, these are limited. Frustration at last class (Hockey 8 Rinks) with person walking by us offering food: we were NOT ready for that challenge. We will practice for success rather than failure. Food on floor: Magic will choose to ignore kibble on floor at our house, BUT outside, she often sniffs sidewalks for food. At Oakridge, we inched our way through the Food Court successfully, but I was walking with a hand in my pocket! A quiet “Yes,” during our walk + food treat when excited. Practicing stairs “With me.” Photos: licking whisk with Kong mixture; “Jump on” during walk/play with Canyon (photo P. Sanderson); Oakridge.

Submitted By: Sandra and Michael Davies