On November 12 Magic had her spay surgery; therefore, it was a quiet month although Magic appeared to be feeling quite back to her former self just two days after her surgery. However, we followed PADS advice and maintained a quiet on-leash life-style for 14 days.

The photos submitted reflect our return to off-leash walks in nearby woods–a favourite for both of us.

One interesting observation: Magic was holding ‘perch’ out in our garden when she saw a squirrel running along the fence. She first looked at me and CONTINUED TO HOLD ‘PERCH’ while watching the squirrel. This is A FIRST!!!! One photo shows Magic tightly curled and sleeping on her bed. We wish that Magic would use this position for ‘go in’, but she prefers to lie down with paws stretched out in front of her.

We continue to enjoy Magic’s company.

Submitted by: Sandra Davies