We continue to enjoy having Magic in our home and lives. Before she went into heat she attended four concerts at UBC where Magic assumed a proper “Go in” position and relaxed during the concert. (Photo: “Go in” on the bus to UBC). Outdoor exercise has been limited to on leash, neighbourhood, usually 8-block long, walks several times each day; we go out early and late to avoid other dogs. In the back garden there are ample opportunities to run. (Photo: In back garden).

Magic’s training focus has been to review all behaviours to date. We’re working on transitions between sit, down, and stand between two chairs. Both sit and down are great, but stand needs more work. Magic usually moves out of centre position for stand so we have been practicing stabilizing that. Her duration for sit and down are at 4 minutes each, but stand is only at 17 seconds!  [I wonder why “stand” is such a challenge?]

Magic still needs practise with “chin”. However, she does well with the “chin” position when brushing her teeth at night. Her night time routine is going well. We go upstairs and while I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, Magic goes into her kennel and snuggles down. She looks quite cozy as though already asleep. Somehow, she’s learned to gauge how long I’ll take with my before-bedtime routine and when I’m finished. When I’m done, she comes right into the bathroom, ready for her turn at teeth brushing!

Magic is a quick learner and she is a delight to have with us. (Photo: Magic looking pensive). Magic goes to Burquitlam Animal Hospital Nov. 7th for a progesterone test. We are looking forward to the end of her heat to resume our active life style of restaurants, football games, concerts, and woodland walks!

Submitted By: Sandra & Michael Davies