This month, we’ve done more of the same practice of training behaviours, as previously, with progress evident in two areas.

Duration: on Oct. 10, out of curiosity, decided to try Magic in test-assessment times; success with stand, 3 min.; sit, 6 min.; down, 20 min. (I wandered and even left the room at times; also used The Margaret Distractions.)

 Perch: on Oct. 14, maintained perch position while completing a complete circle.

One outing: downtown via car to The Bay.  (As an aside, I observed that one way to get the attention of a sales clerk is to have an assistance dog along!)  For fun:  lovely woods walk with Cana (photos thanks to P. Sanderson).  Life continues to be very pleasant with Magic II!  Spay surgery is scheduled for Nov. 12 at Vancouver SPCA.

Submitted By: Sandra Davies