I had some very special events this month. First, I got to go to the Vancouver Aquarium for a training session with some other PADS friends. I was fascinated with the stellar sea lion noises and smells, and with the quick-swimming otters. It was very busy but I did a great job of following cues.

Second, it was my birthday on Oct 22! Five of my littermates and I had a party in a park, organized by one of the raisers. We did some off-leash play, ate some cake (specially made for dogs) and generally had a great time together.

Third, I did a trip to a pumpkin patch with PADS Campus Canines where we got up close and personal with horses, goats and lots of pumpkins, and, of course, Halloween meant lots of training opportunities. We had a fun Halloween-themed training class with games and treats, and then on Halloween night, there was a Campus Canine meeting – I went as Ms. Marvel. (of course!) Later on Halloween night, I got lots of practice staying on my bed whenever the doorbell rang.

Also, this month, I did a ‘meet the students’ afternoon in the Forestry Building at UBC, saying ‘hello’ to anyone who dropped by. And I am getting better at ignoring kibble on the ground and settling in different offices, during bus rides, and even during orchestra practice. All in all, a pretty good month!

Submitted by: Christine