My puppy friend, Merritt II, said goodbye early in September as he went to live with his permanent puppy raiser – we had fun together, and life is a lot quieter without him!

However, the UBC area is hopping again now that the students are back. I met a lot of them at the Campus Canines Imagine Day Booth – it was a great place to practice my “go say hi” cue and of course, get lots of treats.

I went to a sitter for a weekend while my raiser was at a wedding – it was good practice following cues from people other than my raiser. Right after this, my raiser got COVID, so for a couple of weeks, we just did a lot of quiet walks around the neighbourhood.

When we were able to get out again, we enjoyed the great September weather by visiting the dog beach at Spanish Banks and taking a Stanley Park seawall walk – these were great as I was able to take some quick dips in the ocean – I love the water! I also helped out at the Campus Canines UBC club days booth and got even more practice with my “go say hi” cue!

I’m a regular in the class my raiser is taking – I’m getting pretty good at chilling in class, although once people start talking and moving around to do their class activities, I get a little excited – by the end of term, I hope that I’m better at staying chill through the whole class.

I attended Orange Shirt Day at UBC with a number of other PADS dogs – 15 in all (I think). It was wonderful to see all my dog buddies among the crowd.

Submitted by: Christine