I think that Maya may start to think that planes take you to snow as so far that has always been the case. April started with a trip to Calgary for Easter weekend – we left the lovely sun in Vancouver and were transported back to wintery conditions. Was a great little traveller and got in some nice visits with family.
Our focus this month has been trying to ‘reprogram’ Maya and her toileting – our challenge being that when she needs to poop, she needs to go NOW! Not that big of a deal when you are chilling at home but if you are in a mall and not near an exit that is a problem!! Raising a puppy is more than teaching skills – is also making sure the pups are ready for being out and about in public, and obviously toileting is a big part of that.
A definite highlight of this month was getting to attend a vigil for the Humbolt Broncos that was held at Poirier Arena here in Coquitlam. A group of PADS pups and raisers where there to bring some smiles – there are a couple of pictures attached.

Submitted by: Kailea Feddersen