It’s a good thing Maya doesn’t mind the snow as we sure keep getting more of it! Thankfully there was none around at the beginning of the month as Maya went to a wonderful sitter for a weekend – just to change things up a bit and have another person work with her for a few days. She adjusted well to having another person handle her and was popular with the neighbors on her walks, even the cat didn’t mind. As always, Maya joins us on outings to restaurants, the library, and various appointments. We were able to attend the Abbotsford Pet Fair which is always a lot of fun, and definitely a challenge for Maya. There are people and pets everywhere, so offers an opportunity for continued work on distraction and impulse control. This little girl is now 1 1/2 years old! Time is flying by and she is growing up into an absolutely wonderful dog who we have high hopes for. Go Maya!!

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