HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hard to believe is 2018! Maya rang in the New Year hosting a party here and her plus one was Tikka – her boston terrier friend. This month continues to have lots of training opportunities at places like the dentist, VGH, Cabela’s, the movies…. She is settling more readily but always seems at the ready for whatever may be needed of her.

Our big exciting excursion was to her first Canucks game against the LA Kings (we totally creamed them!). LOTS of goals so lots of loud horns and cheering, which means lots of kibbles. I think she was cheering for the Canucks to score more goals so that she could score more treats too! Maya and I also had the privelege to join a bunch of other PADS recruits and visit a local high school to provide support and cuddles as they lots a fellow student over the holidays. We hope that we were able to bring some smiles and some comfort in this hard time and hope to visit again soon.