Yay to camping season getting going!!!! We have been slacking in the camping department so far this year so have a few trips on the go to make up for lost time. The dogs always like the freedom, water, and making of new friends. And thankfully didn’t mind me tinkering with the rifle either! Maya continues to practice hard on all her commands – mostly we are improving on the many things that she does know.

In puppy class we wrote a list of the commands the dogs know and it is quite a long one!! We had the pleasure of attending a PADS event at the Hope Center in LGH, got to come watch a Whitecaps game with about 15 other PADS dogs, came to a mountain navigation class to hone up her compass skills, and was my supporter for my latest blood donation (it’s in you to give!!!!).

Submitted By: Kailea Feddersen