What a busy month October was! Things kicked off with attending PADS Grad which is always fun and a challenge for the dogs. Lots of visits to physio and massage where Maya is always so well behaved and often grabs a quick nap. We even got summoned for jury duty! Best of all though was being able to arrange a puppy swap with PADS recruit Quixley. So Maya went to live and experience life with Quixley’s raisers which meant commuting to work downtown on the train everyday. She got to show off her skills and learn new ones! Training seems all the more important right now as Maya had a public access test and in early November is going in for her assessment so we are getting her ready to impress the trainers (hopefully at least!). This is an opportunity for the trainers to see where she is at in her training, get to know her personality a little better, and to help guide the remainder of our time together before she starts her advanced training. All good things!!