McCartney Oct 2015 IMG_20151018_155131304 smlHi Folks, well here we are at the end of October already!  Mummy tells me we are now in the season called ‘Fall’ which means all the leaves are falling off the trees, which is just perfect for me to play in (although mummy doesn’t agree with me!!!). It’s been a busy month as my mummy and daddy went on holiday and I got spend 10 days at puppy-sitter Ed’s house. I had a ball and pretty much behaved myself. Ed took me for lots of walks and upped my puppy food which I was extra pleased about. I also had a big growth spurt and now my puppy cape is very snug. Mummy and daddy couldn’t believe what a grown-up boy I was when they got home. I met a new friend over at the park called Buddy, who’s a Labrador like me but he’s black and 3 years old. We have great fun running around together and slobbering on each other!

McCartney Oct 2015 002I’ve also had several outings including attending the ‘Blessing of the Animals’ service at St. Andrews Wesley United church. I was very excited to see so many other doggies and it took me a while to settle down but I remembered to check in with mum for treats and lie quietly under the pews during the service. I did let out of couple of yaps when everyone started singing but nobody seemed to mind! I got to meet the Pastor and he gave me a blessing and told me what a special puppy I was.

I also went to my first NRL game at BC place. Laura and Tara made me wear green beads around my neck because their team’s colours were green. I sat very nicely with mummy and daddy under their chairs and even when everyone was cheering and yelling I didn’t lose my cool 🙂

McCartney Oct 2015 phone 462     McCartney Oct 2015 DSCN6880 sml

We also celebrated Halloween this month. Mummy and daddy thought it would be fun to dress me up so got me this burger outfit and said I was a ‘Big Mac meal’ whatever that is?!?! I wasn’t super impressed with the outfit but mummy said I had to indulge her. I met lots of children all dressed up to when they came to our house, I wasn’t scared and got lots of treats from mummy when I remembered my doggy manners and sat nicely whilst they petted me. Here are a few snaps of my month, enjoy!

Submitted by our incredible PADS Puppy-in-Training, McCartney, and his sensational PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Louise Hill & Brad Koenig.