Well, there goes May! It’s been a super busy month! I’ve been learning some new cues and putting them into practice everyday! My raiser-mum says she wishes she had three hands! One to hold my leash; one to click and treat; one to video record all the neat things I’m learning! She tells me I’m getting really good at walking up and down stairs next to her in her office. I also got to go on a couple of neat field trips to firehalls and I got to jump up on the back of a fire truck and meet some truly amazing firefighters! It was such an exciting way to learn!
May wasn’t full of work, work, work… I had lots of fun!, fun!, fun!! I met up,with some awesome PADS dogs for playdates and I even went for a swim! That was AMAZING!!! because it was a hot day and I LOVE swimming!!

Submitted by: Cindy Cassidy