Pupdate: Mercy had lots of great experiences in August. It started off with the Pride parade. Like all the puppies who participated, Mercy was great. She took it all in stride on the hot summer day and had 100s of people greeting her with pets and hugs. She kept loose leash walking almost the entire way.

In August we also went to Tofino. What I like about Long Beach is it gives Mercy a chance to run free but also at other times a wonderful place to practice loose leash walking in cape. Lots of distractions around yet she is able to stay focused and keep the leash loose most of the time.

One of the pics I attached is Mercy in a fireman’s hat. This is a silly pic but I’m proud of her for sitting still with a hat on her head. Many months back she wouldn’t have tolerated this. But now with training on body handling and touching, she is cooperating with out squirming. Well done Mercy!

Submitted by: Lindi Porter