Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

The highlight of the month for Mercy was the PADs gala where she got to hang out with her sponsor and my friend, Glenn. It was a great night – Mercy worked hard hanging out under the dark table (though Glenn made it all the easier with a pocket full of treats). Mercy did great walking around with all the other dogs and, for the most part, staying focused on me/Glenn (whoever had the leash at the time). Mercy had a quick photo shoot with Caber, so she felt like a bit of a rock star simply because Caber IS a rock star!

In February, Mercy started to learn the foundation for “stand” – and while she’s struggling a bit with getting her back paws on a mat (she thinks I’m looking for perch), we’re working on this regularly and she’s slowly getting the hang of it. Mercy is also proofing her sit. Right now she’s golden at sitting while I’m bouncing tennis balls.

In Vancouver we also had a dump of snow in February – so there was lots of play time in the white fluffy stuff. And great photo ops with puppies & bright blue skies.

Submitted By: Lindi Porter