Mercy had a great March – packed with different experiences and daily training sessions.

For training, Mercy is working on duration sit and distraction sit, using a tennis ball and other distracting objects. Her duration sit is up to 3 minutes and 40 seconds (with a slight shift at one point!). We’ve also been working often on shaping the cue “stand”. After several sessions of clicker/shaping training – and a few extra tips from Emma & Tara – she got it! Backed up perfectly – and repeatedly – onto the platform and we’ve now moved to getting to stand from sit (with no cue words yet). Mercy is also enjoying our special “drive” sessions – where she gets to show me all her exuberance for life with great reward.

March was also filled with fun times in the snow – hiking up the BCMC trail off leash – and then at the top going to “work” with vest on. And we hung out in Tofino for a week. Nothing like practising recall and loose leash walking along beautiful Chesterman Beach.

Lastly, at the end of March – just before her 1 year birthday -Mercy has gone into heat & is doing great. She wasn’t a fan of the fancy pants at first, but after a few times, is standing still for me to put them on her. Of course she’s more tired than usual, but she’s still as lovely as ever and shows lots of interest to train.

Submitted by: Lindi Porter