Mercy had a busy November. We spent time going to the mall to experience the environment, sit and watch the hustle and bustle of shoppers. We walked the food court and went into some stores while I shopped. We will continue to visit the mall as a good place for all round training. Mercy also attended two plays and one movie this month – she was great. We arrived early, got settled in our seats. I brought a blanket, she relaxed. No barking and very little signs of stress. Of course – as always, Mercy had lots of time off leash hiking. The snow arrived – and she loved it. The great thing about hiking the Grouse mountain trails is that she gets to be off leash for the time it takes to get to the top, then needs to transition into cape as we enter the chalet and take the tram down. Mercy is working on some new commands – “go in” and staying in a “go in” and we continue to work on dress. We’re also spending lots of time on perch work which is coming along nicely.

Submitted By: Lindi Porter