Mint Jan 2015 imageIt’s Mint again writing to you all from my warm bed in downtown Vancouver. PADS asked me about my favourite places to walk for this month’s pupdate and there are so many that I cannot count them all!

I really like walking along the False Creek seawall because it’s always full of other dogs and interesting people. Often, when I’m walking past Science World, children of all ages will approach me and ask to meet me.

I also really like going for walks with my co-raiser, MJ. She takes me to nice woodsy parks in North Vancouver. I love running and hopping along the trails with MJ and her friends.

Recently, my mommy and daddy took me to explore Deep Cove. I walked down to the dock and looked at my face in the reflection of the water. The ocean smells great … very delicious. I practised my ‘leave it’ command a lot and discovered that seashells are crunchy. I hope I get to go on more trips to the beach!

Here’s a picture me posing on the Deep Cove dock.

Submitted by our sensational PADS puppy-in-training, Mint, and her amazing PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Jordan & Amy Thompson.