Mint Nov1Dear Santa,
It’s Mint. Remember me? We met this weekend at the PADS Open House. I sat on your knee and licked your beard. You were funny. Here’s a picture of us in case you don’t remember what I look like. There were a lot of puppies at the open house this weekend so I can understand. I’m the one with the pink and purple polka dot collar.
My mommy and daddy just put up the Christmas tree yesterday. I sniffed it and thought it was pretty neat. I’ve been told that Christmas is a time when all of mommy and daddy’s family and friends come to visit and play with me. That sounds pretty neat.
The bottom of our tree is empty right now but it will soon fill with presents. Mommy says that if I am a good pup I will get lots of new toys and treats but all I really want for Christmas is to play and visit with my friends from PADS. I guess if I get some new toys and treats I could share them with my friends at puppy class. Well, maybe just the toys, I will probably save all the treats for myself…
Submitted by our wonderful Pup-In-Training Mint and her fantastic Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Jordan & Amy Thompson.