Mint Oct2014Hello! It’s Mint! Or as I was known on Halloween, Her Royal Highness Fairy Princess Minty Puff.

As part of my training, I went trick or treating at Metrotown Mall. There were a lot of little people dressed in funny costumes. Some of them were really excited to meet me! After the mall, my raisers took me to a scary haunted house called Potters. It was dark and noisy inside the haunted house but my mommy and daddy said that I did a very good job and was very brave. We walked through each of the rooms and I sat and met some zombies, pirates, and ghosts. Many of them were surprised to see me, a little princess puppy in such a scary place. I was such a good puppy that my mommy and daddy let me sleep all night long after a delicious doggy treat. I hope my next Halloween is just as exciting!

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Jordan & Amy Thompson.