Mint SepHi, it’s me, Mint again! I’ve been having such a blast with my raisers, Amy and Jordan. I am the only pup in the house so I get a lot of attention from their friends and family. All the neighbours in our townhouse complex really love me, too.

My mum and dad recently took me to a hockey game where I think I was the main attraction! We live close to the stadium so we went for a nice walk before the game. Everyone in the stadium was dressed up in blue and green and there was lots of cheering and clapping. At one point, a big sound went off in the whole building that made me really scared but mum and dad were there to click and give me treats. When the big noise went off again a while later I wasn’t as scared. After the game, lots of people wanted to meet me and I was a very good pup. Go Canucks Go!

Submitted by awesome PADS puppy, Mint, and her fabulous PADS Puppy Raisers, Amy & Jordan Thompson.