Misha has been welcomed into Advanced Training! He is a very welcome addition to Trainer Emma’s string. Misha enjoys living and training at a small farm in Chilliwack during the week. And on weekends, he gets some one-on-one R&R with a dedicated Advanced Sitter. He’s adjusted well to a very different environment than he grew up in. It’s been great to see him gain confidence and expand his horizons. This month has been all about coping with transitions and proofing his known skills. Misha loves working! 

  • Skills Being Learned: Proofing obedience  
  • Recent Field Trips: PNE, Cabela’s, Chilliwack River 
  • Possible Behavior Challenges: Confidence
  • Advanced Training Location: West Coast (Satellite)

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Misha!

Submitted By: Emma, Advanced Trainer