December was a very busy month. With the holidays approaching fast, there were outings to various stores, coffee shops, grocery stores, wineries, restaurants, the post office and the chiropractor, all at which Misty was very well behaved. People continue to insist that they are all allowed to pet her, but mom had to fend them off.


In between all the outings, there were walks that were becoming longer, including trails on narrow deer paths along steep mountains, and of course, many geocaching adventures. When not running around town, Misty could be found snoozing, sometimes curled up tight in her cardboard toy box.

At her vet appointment this month, she practised being handled by another person, received her shots, ear meds and was told to cut back on her kibble intake. Afterward, on the streets of Vernon, Misty met a very handsome PADS dog, Sven, with whom she was instantly smitten. She also had a One on One session with the very nice trainer, Shona, who taught her CHIN, puppy push-ups and the LEAVE IT game with kibble on an outstretched palm.

Misty continues to outgrow the cat, but has learned to wait patiently at the water dish when the cat has clearly beaten her there. And when she barks at the cat, Misty now gets redirected to another task.

Mom thought she was really funny when she hid Misty’s lunch kibble in a muffin tin covered by a ball in each cup. What, I have to find my food too? Misty thought.

Partway through the month a ten foot outdoor tree showed up in the house and was decorated with lights and bobbles, but Misty was perfectly behaved and did not try to eat the “big stick”.

The only negative occurrence that happened during the Christmas holidays was when the cat pushed one of the puzzle pieces off the table and onto the floor, which “happened” to land into Misty’s mouth, or so she said. Yet another task Misty will have to work on.

It was a very busy training month but the main behaviour Misty has to work on is actually walking beside me on her leash, not being pulled from behind and DROP (IT) when she has the leash in her mouth.

Submitted By: Chris Buitinga