December 1st started out with a bang! It was a gorgeous 19C, so after puppy class, mom & I went for a fabulous walk in the woods at Spion Kopp in Lake Country. You must take these warm days when you can because later in the month, the high was MINUS 20C! 

We had Puppy class three times this month. I’m still in class with the older dogs, and I’m able to hold my sits and downs from a distance most of the time. At home, I learned to sit and repeatedly stand on a small stool and on a scale as well. My teacher commended me on my excellent hind end awareness! We visited Larch Hills Winery in Salmon Arm, where mom, dad and the kids taste tested ALL the different wines for FREE. There was a huge Great Pyrenees dog at the winery. I’m usually afraid of larger dogs, but he was very gentle, so I didn’t mind playing with him. 

We went to the recycle depot here in Kelowna one day, where I patiently sat and waited my turn while others crammed their bottles down a tube one by one. There must be an easier way, but my mom said patience is a virtue. I had a few playdates with my brother Misha this month, and I met a new PADS puppy, Ky, who is only four months old. We got along famously. He’s still at that bitey stage, but he couldn’t catch me when we ran around. I also met up with my Golden girlfriend, Grace, at the waterfront dog park. 

We checked out the nice Christmas lights at Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna one evening. It wasn’t a huge display, but it was still nice to go for a walk with the lights illuminating your way. 

My raisers went away for Christmas and left me with long-time PADS raisers/sitters Karen and Dave. It was a very good experience for me to be in another home, where I was well behaved and fit in nicely. It was very cold for a few days, reaching a high of only minus 20C. Karen dressed me up in booties and a coat to brave the cold. A little hesitant at first, but I was running full tilt in the yard with all my gear on in no time! We practiced bed, loose leash walking, recall, and seeing other dogs, including PADS Scotia, up close. I also hung out at the local mall a couple of times with PADS Scotia during those bitterly cold days when man nor beast could walk any length of time outdoors. The best part at Karen’s was snuggling up to the fireplace and having my feet massaged! Thanks for a great experience, Karen and Dave. 

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga