Our renovations were in full swing every weekday this month, with lots of activity happening. New hardwood and porcelain floors were being laid, a new ensuite shower and a new kitchen installed. Every day Misty calmly greeted the workers and somehow managed to nap through all the construction noises with no worries at all. We went on a drive to SilverStar ski resort in Vernon, where Misty rode on a shuttle bus for the first time. She calmly greeted (or ignored) many dogs there while we checked out the snow sculptures, went on a hike on the multi-use trail around the resort outskirts and afterwards relaxed in the pub. 

During our ZOOM classes with Heather, we fine-tuned our heels and sides. This time with front paws on the perch pot, we taught the dog to swing their back end into position to be beside us. We also got back to in-class sessions with Shona, where the pups practice dog distraction while settling on their mats, standing near each other on platforms or loose leash walking around the room. 

February 17th was The Ballet litters’ “Champagne Birthday”: 17 months old on the 17th of the month! Misha came over for a birthday celebration. We had a few other play dates in our yard this month with brother Misha, PADS Ace, PADS Ky and PADS Malibu. We practised some skills and allowed the pups to socialize. With sister Margot, we practised our recalls out on the mountain trails, and more importantly, we practised proper unloading and loading from the car. The girls can even share a perch pot or a stump together! One day while in Vernon, we did a walkabout the mall, and we did a bit of shopping and tried clothing on. Misty was very comfortable in the mall and did very well. 

Misty accompanied me on my fourth plasma donation this month. She has no problem settling and waiting the hour for the process to be complete. She also came to yoga by the lake a couple of times at the Community Center, where she also settled nicely. 

We can’t wait for the renovations to be over, the dust to settle and to move back into the main floor of our spruced-up house.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga