There were more COVID restrictions this month, so in class sessions are on hold until further notice. So instead, Shona did a ZOOM class where we went over all the basics with our pups while she gave directions and watched. It was nice to have no dog distractions. 

During our ZOOM classes with Heather in Calgary, we tweak our heels and sides while standing on a perch pot. We are getting the dog to stay stationary with its front paws on the perch while walking around the perch with its back end. Since Misty is from The Ballet Litter, this is an easy feat for her! 

The house turned upside down as big renovations started this month. The main floor was emptied out, and we moved to the suite in the basement. Then early one morning, 6 guys showed up and started ripping up the ceramic and hardwood floors. There have been many new and loud noises that Misty had to get used to. She’s been calm and sleeping through most of them like a champ, except when the smoke alarm went off, which scared her silly. Among all the renovations, I got COVID, so I had to sequester myself away from everyone for a few days, so Misty got to hang around with dad. Since he’s not into the adventure walks, there was a lot of ground covered on their walks together. 

We had a few outings this month. I had a nice birthday dinner at 50th Parallel Estate Winery with the kids, attended 2 sessions of yoga by the lake, had a walk around the mall with a bit of shopping, checked out the new restaurant in town (OEB Breakfast), on its opening day. I received my COVID booster shot at the drug store. Misty is always on her best behaviour while out in public, but with all the distractions, settling down does not come easily. What Misty enjoys the most is her meet-ups with other pups. We saw PADS Ky a couple of times, our Golden Retriever friend Grace, brother Misha and PADS Ace. Sometimes it was a walk along the beach, or on the trails in the mountains or full-on play in the backyard. And of course, we always practice our loose leash walking and recall. Stay tuned next month to see how the renovations are progressing.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga