Summer is coming, and I just love going outdoors for mountain hikes and breathing in that fresh mountain air. The biggest achievement was climbing to the top of Spion Kopp in Lake Country, where there was an awesome view of THREE lakes. I did great at the top, while my mom, on the other hand, was a little nervous for me because SHE doesn’t like heights! 

I also participated in the Kelowna Pride Parade this month with my PADS buddies Talbot, Aslan, Ace, Misha and Margot. We dressed up in our finest rainbow apparel, met at the waterfront for a pep rally and then marched in a casual parade to Kelowna City Park, where there were booths and food trucks. There were SO many dogs and people to be distracted by, but I kept my composure and practised my loose leash walking. 

Our trainer quit this month, and after a bit of a shuffle with the top PADS people coming to visit us from Burnaby & Calgary, a new trainer, Tamara, was hired, and things settled back to normal. We had our first class with Tamara, PADS Jax and PADS Caddy, where she showed us different techniques to try when approaching a dog in public. 

We went camping in our van on Father’s Day weekend with my raiser’s son and wife and their new 8-week-old puppy, Jeff. He was no bigger than one of my cats, but I was gentle with him, and we got along very well. We spent one rainy evening at the Penticton Speedway, where I watched noisy cars drive around an oval, trying to outdo each other. The most comical race was Hit-2-Pass, where you must touch the car in front of you before you try to pass it. 

One hot Sunday, we had a PADS Okanagan fundraiser in the “barking” lot at Total Pet in Vernon, who is one of our sponsors. Sarah came with PADS service dog Rico along with the raisers of PADS Margot, Talbot, Findlay, Beasley, Malibu, Caddy, Aslan, Gherkin, Melon & Jax. A great turnout and opportunity to practice dog distraction amongst our peers! 

I also had a surprise reunion with my PADS released brother Xander at a vet’s office in West Kelowna. I’ve had a couple of visits to the vet this month, so time will tell what is in store for me.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga