It was a great day to turn 6 months on St. Patrick’s Day! We went to celebrate at the local pub, which was much more noisy than usual, with lots of people and even a band. I was distracted by it all but did manage to settle. The only bad thing is that now that I’m 6 months old, I don’t get lunch anymore. But I do get the same amount of food in 2 meals.
My friend Blue & I helped our moms hide my first Geocache in a car. We played so hard, tumbling through the muddy puddles, that we both needed baths afterwards.

I met 3 more new PADS puppies this month. Talbot & Findlay (both from the BC Creeks Litter) came over for a play date with Misha & me. Since we are all within 2 months of age, we all got along famously. The two younger puppies enjoyed the socialization with the two older puppies. Misha & I were also reunited with our sister Margot, who has moved to the Okanagan. She was a little shy at first, but we showed her the ropes.
We had a Two-on-Two training session with Shona & PADS Turtle where it was ALL business with our capes on and NO playtime. Once I settled down, we practiced dog distraction on our separate mats around the room. It was hard work, but we did well. Afterwards, I aced the metal open staircase in the plaza nearby.

Also, I met PADS Levi a couple of times this month. The first time for a fun walk. For a walk with our capes on down by the waterfront, the second time, in the business district. I am getting to know the difference now in how I am to behave between cape on & cape off.

In our weekly Zoom classes, I mastered licking my lips on cue. We then moved to wrapping ourselves around a cone, which will come in handy when practicing our HEELS and SIDES when someone is in a wheelchair.
I visited a bank and a couple of wineries, with my cape on, where I nicely behaved. Other than our usual walks, we visited lots of ducks (whom I merely ignored) at Chichester Wetlands, traipsed around Big White Ski Resort & Margaret Falls.

It was a fun month, but I do miss my lunch!

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga