After two months, our renovations are finally over, and we can move back into our new surroundings. What an improvement! Just waiting for a few new windows to arrive.

The snow has melted around town (but not in the mountains yet), and spring is in the air. It was a busy month with four puppy classes, chilling at four yoga classes at the Community Center, visits to the grocery store & chiropractor, numerous hikes, and playdates with brother Misha and sister Margot.

Misty met a 3-month-old puppy, PADS Beans, whom she was very gentle with even though the little shark tried to bite her numerous times.

Wing Wednesday is always a given at DunnEnzies Pizza every week, including St. Paddy’s Day with music and Irish dancers. The loud music and dancing didn’t sway Misty in the least.

In one of our two ZOOM classes, we practised loose leash walking up to a bowl of kibble, gearing up to the bowl being represented by another dog or person. In puppy class, our trainer Shona has started taking our pups for individual walks about the room as we watch. It’s fun to see how some of the dogs react quite comically with a different handler, with their jumping and prancing antics.

One sunny Sunday, we got together with 8 PADS dogs and raisers at Kalamalka Provincial Park in Vernon, where the dogs enjoyed running down the trail to Cousens Bay, where they frolicked in the water. A good time was had by all.

Towards the end of the month, sister Margot came to stay with us for a couple of days while changing raisers/sitters. The two of them get along famously, either playing, sharing a car ride, or loose leash walking side by side. We went on a geocaching excursion where we hiked 100m to the top of the “other” Knox Mountain. Quite a feat for 2 older ladies with 2 young pups in tow!

We also practised our skills on an open staircase, just to make sure there were no issues there.

All and all, another successful month of training.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga