I like this cape that I wear sometimes. I get to go were no other dogs get to go! For instance, this month I went to the dentist with mom, went to the Covid immunization clinic with mom & dad, went to a couple more wineries, cideries and restaurants (a given for mom & dad), Kasugai Japanese Gardens (where I pranced around and drank from a refreshing fountain).

But then there are times I wear my cape and the outing is NOT fun at all. It is pure WORK! Like when we go on our hikes with 3 or 4 other PADS dogs, and we are NOT allowed to play as we walk along mountain trails at Kalamoir Park or Paul’s Tomb near Knox Mountain. These walks are sheer torture for me, and it takes me a bit to get over the initial excitement, but mom says I must do them in order to create a solid service dog in me, someday.

Another event we attend with our capes on is Shona’s outdoor training class with 2 other PADS dogs. We must lay on our mats, in the parking lot and practice dog distraction, lengthy downs and wandering around each other, without touching noses! I can do it, but it is a lot of work.

We also practiced walking on a huge grate at a pond, and stairs, oh my, a couple more open staircases. One had 400 steps all the way to the top of a giant waterfall. And lastly, I went to a home were there were recovering addicts. There were about ten men there that came to greet me outside in small groups of one or two. I politely sat for them while some of them came up to pat me and say hello. The best part was their two resident dogs, whom I got to meet, but did not get to rough house with.

The best part of this month was that I outgrew the cage that I travelled in, in the car. Mom took it out and taught me how to jump into the back hatch of the car. Now I get the entire area all to myself to stretch out in!

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga