Life has returned to normal after my heat with lots of loose leash walks and play dates with my brother, PADS Misha, and other pups such as PADS Ace, ex-PADS Odie, his friend Moe and my lovely golden girlfriend Grace. While out for a walk one day, I aced the cattle guard, even though I had to concentrate hard on my footing.

We went out to the pub a few times for beer and Wing Wednesday where it always takes me to almost the end of the meal to finally settle down. Mom and I also visited the dentist, but they didn’t clean my teeth, only hers. We also took a walk about the local mall, stopping at Indigo to shop. I can walk past most of the people most of the time, but when we stand in line it’s hard for people to ignore me and vice versa.

We took a day trip to Vancouver where I saw my raisers daughter and took a very long stroll through an IKEA store without any mishaps.

We attended PADS classes with the other pups, but at the second class this month, all the dogs changed. Since three of our dogs have moved to Advanced Training, I’ve been moved up into the group with the eldest dogs. These dogs are almost two years old and way more mature than my mere 14 months. They practice their stands and downs for much longer and we did a new trick where I had to straddle two platforms and watch a ball roll between my front and back legs! After one class we took a picture of our Okanagan Ballet Litter puppies together: Misha, Margot and Misty. What a threesome, how we’ve grown!

I thought that life was going to return to normal after my heat, and it did until the day of my 15-month birthday when I got spayed. And I was just getting used to being a “mature woman!” Now I must wear a cone around my head until my incision heals up and I’m not allowed to be off leash or play with other dogs. I really didn’t mind all the extra sleep and cuddle time I got.

Oh, and I kissed a reindeer! Christmas is coming, but you’ll hear all about that next month.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga