Now that my first heat is over, life can return to normal with caped outings to the grocery store, restaurants, winery, chiropractor, and a haircut for mom. Yes! 

Mom & I also went to 3 more community yoga classes by the lake, where I quietly chilled on my mat while the others practiced their downward dogs.

We had 3 PADS in-class sessions this month, where 5 or 6 of us practiced duration downs, stands, roll and platform work. One week there was a bunch of toys strewn all over the floor that we had to ignore, but in the end, we were allowed to GO SNIFF them and play with them a little. While in our ZOOM classes, we practiced a new version of CHIN. 

I went on 3 hikes with my ex-PADS buddy Odie where we practiced our loose leash walking together and got a reward by a little play in the lake. I also got together for a hike with sister Margot and had a couple of working playdates with brother Misha where we practiced on our platforms in the yard and posed with colourful scarves. 

I walked across a few railway trestles too this month, two non-working at Myra Canyon and one working one in Summerland. I’m not afraid of heights, but my mom certainly is, as she turned white with fright. 

We went on another community garbage picking up event where I saw my friend Blue who has outgrown me in every respect. We picked up garbage along a stream near a local community center. This is an event my mom does for her geocaching hobby. 

We attended the Kelowna Pride event, where PADS had a booth. Since we had the first shift in the morning, there weren’t many people, but I still had to practice dog distraction with the other PADS pups and random other dogs attending the event as well. 

Halloween was also a quiet evening. We only had 10 Trick or Treaters. The neighbourhood kids who visited knew my name and said hello to me as I greeted them nicely at the door.

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga