My raiser had never had a female dog before and didn’t know what to expect when I went into heat. In the end, it wasn’t so bad, but I had no public access, so I missed out on going to stores, restaurants and three of our weekly puppy classes. But I sure did enjoy all the extra naps and cuddle times I received. I got to spend a lot more time with other female dogs this month, especially my PADS sister Margot and a couple of other friends’ dogs for playdates. Margot spent three days at my house, and I learned valuable lessons about living in the same household with another dog and loose leash walking alongside another dog. We also spent our first birthday together and went for a hike in Kalamalka Park, which is full of rattlesnakes and bears, whom we thankfully saw none of. 

We went camping in our recreational van for a few days at Hydraulic Lake. Our cat Zeus is also the same along. Even though he was tethered, he managed to get into trouble outside while he chased a chipmunk up a tree. I would never do such a thing! I got to sleep in the van without my crate at night. 

We went to a community event where we picked up garbage along a stretch of the city street. Mom and I were put on poop pick-up duty since the others thought we were well suited for it! I did a great job sniffing it out for mom. Mom and I usually practice yoga at home on ZOOM, but this month we got to go to a lovely community center along the lake for yoga. I was very well behaved and even had a short nap while mom practiced her downward dogs. It was not the usual month, to say the least, and mom says that she’s glad my heat is over. 

Submitted by: Chris Buitinga