Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

This month was full of adventures, and let me tell you, it was pretty fun!

To start off April, I moved to a new family. It was really sad to say goodbye to my Bill, but I still get to see him every week and he gives me lots of belly rubs.

My new home has a lot of hoomans. This works out well because it means I get tons of belly rubs and sometimes I can even get extra treats cause they don’t know that I already got some from my other hoomans. Ha ha!

My hoomans have been taking me to all these places with lots of trees and tall grass and gravel and dirt. They call them trails; I call them the pathways to heaven! There are so many smells and things to see, it’s amazing! But I have to make sure that I never run too far away from my hoomans cause that’s kinda scary. Luckily I have them attached to me so they can’t sneak away.

On one of these trails I saw these giant dogs that were like 20 bazillion times bigger than me. They let their hoomans sit on their backs… I think I prefer me sitting on their laps instead.

I also went for a sleepover this month! The Tsang family was super nice to me and they even had another dog for me to play with! We sun bathed and played and she made sure I learned that just because she’s smaller does not mean she’s not mightier. Small dogs now have my full respect.

However none of that compares to the time I went to high school. There were so many people who wanted to play with me. They seemed nice but my hooman said I had to be on my best behaviour and only say hi with my eyes. There were older hoomans who were trying to tell me something about calculus, chemistry and history but don’t they know I’m only in Kindergarten! How am I supposed to know what twig-anometry is? So instead of listening to more about that, I took a nap. Maybe I’ll be ready for that stuff when I get to intermediate classes.

One thing that has matured though is my palate. Have you ever had the delicacy that is frozen peanut butter and banana? First my hooman gave me banana, then she gave me peanut butter, but then she put them both together and WOW! That’s Michelin Star stuff right there.

My hoomans have since realized that I will do most anything for any three of those treats. So they ask me to do soooo many new things like “Touch”, “chin”, “wait” and “down”. They also give me treats to go from a down to a sit, but then when I slide from a sit to a down they don’t give me treats! What’s with that!?!

Anyways, that’s it from me. If anyone has any tips on how to get more banana treats from my hoomans, sharing would be greatly appreciated!
xoxo Mit-Blue

Submitted By: Meghan Cheung