My hoomans have been home TOO much this month – they’re smothering my independence!  Although, this has meant that I am being fully pampered.  I’ve gotten haircuts, brush massages and my nails done – I am becoming the PreenQueen in quarantine!

Sometimes the vibe is just so zen at the home spa that I fall asleep while getting my nails done! But it’s great that I’m looking so sparkly because this month I’ve become a movie star. 


My hoomans have taken soooo many photos and videos of me this month. I heard my hooman say something about working with animals and children in film is difficult. I think she said this because we’re just so adorable that it’s so impossible to choose which video to publish!

We haven’t been to puppy class in a long time, but there are still new things for me to learn and work on every week.  Now that I’m a teenager and I’ve had my growth spurt, I’m fine tuning my skills ’cause these legs got longer and I gotta make sure I stay graceful!  I’m working on keeping my paws on my bed in “bed” and under the table in “go in”, but like I said, I have been preening and my nails deserve to be shown off!

There haven’t been that many April showers, which my California soul is loving!  Catch me sunbathing… adding a tan to my preen routine.

Submitted By: Kelley Fripps Cheung