I have now become a water pup. I passed all my Swim Pup levels and have graduated to Swimmer Dogs classes. While I wasn’t so sure about cold water in the beginning, this month really made me realize just how great it is. It’s just magical how the heat on my fur goes away when I go in the water. I’ve gotten to explore so much different smelling water too. Some smell like salt and some smell like dirt. My hoomans wouldn’t let me in the ones that smelt like chemicals. They said dogs aren’t allowed in public pools, so they bought me my own for in my big grass place but then they made me have a bath in it.

I also got to see a lot of my friends this month. We went to the PNE, I got to go to the park with my Mister Blake 8 Star Litter Mate Finesse, and I saw so many dogs out on walks or at the park. My hoomans keep telling me that I can’t be friends with every single dog, no matter how hard I try. I always want to show love but they have to remind me to keep my dog-nity and be cool. I’ve figured out the hoomans tricks though. They let me get closer to all the other puppies and even play with them if I keep it casual by slowly strutting over. Apparently when making an approach you never want to seem more eager than the dog you’re approaching or at least that’s what my hooman says. I think me and the other pup are gonna get all up in each others business anyways so we can get to know each other.

Apparently I need to start acting more like the teenager I am now and not be interested in interacting with other dogs by being more focused on my I-bone. As a teenager, I’m also starting to take much more care in my appearance. I don’t have the puppy chub to make me adorable anymore! Now I have to be a pretty puppy. In class, we had a spa day and learned even more about how to keep me looking beautiful. My fur is silky smooth, my breath is fresh, and paw fur is trimmed, but I still don’t know about this whole manicure thing. Aren’t long nails a trend right now?

Submitted By: Meghan Cheung